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Hello, world!

Welcome, one and all, to toixstory's blog! While not the most original concept for a blog, this will be one focusing on my personal writing, reading, ramblings, and feature various alternate history maps that I create in Inkscape. Mostly it will be filled with aforementioned ramblings, though I'll try to keep them on point and interesting to anyone who happens by this blog.

There's not a lot to see now as I want to get myself in good order before pumping out posts, but I'll be very active this Christmas season, and I'll have everything I've made before posted here shortly, including two feature-length books and a whole gaggle of alternate history maps for you wonderful folks.

Not much more to say for right now, other than thank you for stopping by and I hope the future will look bright for this little blog!

As a little teaser, I figure I might as well go ahead and post the very first map I ever made, this one being of an alternate Confederate States of America in the current day (click for full size):

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  1. Lynn - Astounded by your talent/scope of work/amazing brain!