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An Apology of Sorts

I would just like to quickly apologize, dear readers, for my absence over the past week from this site. Not to worry, I haven't forgotten about the blog! Instead, I just suffered some difficulties over the Thanksgiving holiday (last week for those not in the US) and computer troubles in the same week, which cost me much of the work I had done on various papers and essays.

Luckily, I have managed to catch up on all papers and writings (as well as having migrated back to Windows 7 from Ubuntu), and am now back on track. Unfortunately, this has delayed my planned Christmas Extravaganza by a bit. So, instead of a show/movie the entire month, I am instead going to do a smaller extravaganza leading up to Christmas Day from a week before, so seven days of fun! Not so bad, eh?

Besides that, I'll be posting more stuff about the book I'm currently writing, more maps, maybe some more rambling, and, perhaps, the complete text of a book I wrote last year that, appropriately, focuses a lot on Christmas time! So yes, thank you all for understanding, and I hope I have more to post soon!

Until then, take care.


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