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The Grand War fanart

Well, posting that prologue and preview of The Grand War certainly seemed to excite some people, as I've got some neat fanart coming from all over the place! So, here's a little compilation post of all that I've gotten so far. And hey, I'm always open for any little contribution, so if you liked what you saw in the preview or on the map post, feel free to send in something you made from it! Especially since the current fanworks, unless otherwise specified, are considered canon. Anyhow, here is the art:

Ruthenian Empire: Before the Civil War by zalezsky

Ruthenian Empire: Civil War by zalezsky

Imperial Chinese flag by Nick Griffalco

Map of Europe in 1894 by B_Munro

Map of the world in 1894 by B_Munro

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  1. Very pretty maps, though is that flag there a flag of an Islamic Qing China?