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Honing My Craft

As some of you may have noticed (not that there are many of you anyway), posting in these past few months has been sporadic. I posted more in one month last December than I have for the past six months, and to some extent I am regretful for that. However, on the other hand, I do not think it's such a bad thing.

The primary reason for my silence has been the honing of my craft, so to speak; getting better at both writing and cartography to a point I am comfortable with in my high expectations for myself. That is, learning how to make a map or a book or a short story that allows me to fully express my thoughts and feelings into it. It has not been an easy time doing it, and combined with issues in my own personal life has taken me many months.

However, on the upside, I believe I have finally been making progress. What this will mean, though, is a change to this website. While I will aspire to make more blog posts without a map or writing (mostly copy-pasting blog posts from my deviantart profile or various ideas I have), most of the content on this site will be, well, content. My maps, my short stories, my novels, etc. And rest assured, I am working on all of them.

Unfortunately, these are not things that come quickly or easily. I have moved from making maps in a week to taking at least a month to make one, simply because I want to make each one a masterpiece of its own, not just crank them out as fast as I can without any real research or detail. That is, less of this:

and more of this:

At the same time, I am extensively researching and planning out an alternate history book/series of books concerning an alternate development of the United States, in the same vein as Robert Sobel's For Want of a Nail, though in a more popular history context than academic. I am, too, going back to my novel idea, The Grand War, as research for the alternate history book will take up the next year or so of my reading time.

What this means is, there aren't going to be very frequent updates to this website. In fact, most months there may only be one post. So, soon I am going to work out a better design for the website to use it less as a blog and more of a gallery for my works, that anyone can browse at any time. I'll also likely upload some of my better fanfiction at some point, if only to have more content to post.

So, for the two to three people who read this site, take heart in the fact that there will be a lot more, better content to come in the future, but it may just be a while before I can get the ball rolling on all of it.

Until then, take care all.


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