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Update for Christmas and the New Year

Hi, all my followers and/or patrons! This year's been a productive one, I have to say. For one, I'm coming up on a year of Patreon, and have gone from $0 per month to more than $230. While I hope to eventually top what I have even now, I have to say I'm very happy with the way things have turned out. Overall, this year has been very productive and has seen me, in my opinion, grow greatly as a cartographer.

That said, what you're going to see for the rest of November and into December and January may be a little slow. At the moment, I'm working on two commissions, one of them very important and whose details I hope to share very soon. Beyond that, most of my maps are either half-realized or part of a series, meaning I'll have to finish a number of new maps before posting them. While I hope post a standalone map at some point before 2016, things will generally be slow.

Besides that, I will likely be taking it slow after the commissions to really explore more of what I want to do. I'll be exploring GIS mapping, for one, and probably playing around with my techniques in Photoshop, Illustrator, and Inkscape to better figure out what I ultimately want to do with them.

So, just know that while I may not be the most active on the outside over the next few months, I'll be working to bring the best content I can give. That's a promise.



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