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One Last Patreon Post

Yes, yes, I'm sure you all are tired of hearing about Patreon. I wish I could show you the map I recently finished, but I am currently having to wait until I am given the go-ahead to post it (or if I can post it at all) by the people I did it for, so you'll all just have to wait a little more (though I will include a couple WiPs at the end of this journal).

What I wanted to say is that for those of you who have possibly been interested in my Patreon in the past but didn't donate due to feeling you didn't have enough money, fear no longer! I have now eliminated paid tiers on my Patreon, lumping all bonuses and goodies under everyone donates $1 or more per month. That way, rather than a stratified system of paying, you can pay what you feel my work is worth, similar to other projects like the Hundle Bundle. All rewards go to everyone who donates, regardless of how much they are able to donate.

I've also revamped the rest of the Patreon, from things like better codifying my goals (if I get to $300 per month I'll be able to use Adobe Creative Cloud much more frequently AND make a tutorial for you all, while $500 per month means new fancy website and physical copies of my work!) to adding better bonuses for donating. Want a personalized map from me but don't have the money for a commission? Donating $1 or more a month means you get to be part of a bi-monthly raffle, and if you win your idea becomes a map or short story done by yours truly.

This isn't to mention the fact that I have now uploaded almost every single source file for the maps I post on here. These are all editable, so if you've ever wanted to make your own map but lack the skill or time or energy to trace an entire map, now you can use mine as bases to make your own!

Basically, what I want to do is use Patreon to get back to my roots of writing and cartography and provide something that is both enjoyable for you all and that can give me a little extra cash every month that in turn allows me to better pursue my hobbies. Kind of a positive feedback loop.

Anyway, that'll be the last you'll hear about it this month. Now I will get back to mapping and researching for my writing, so I can actually give you the content I'm being paid for. For now, here are a couple WiP pictures:


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