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One Year of Patreon, Commissions and Requests

Hello, all!

I'm not exactly sure when I will have been on Patreon for exactly one year, but last December was my first month on Patreon, so close enough. I have to say, I am overjoyed with how my Patreon has turned out. From $0 to well over $200 per month, this little project of mine has grown and allowed me to better creatively explore my cartography and writing instead of churning out the same thing over and over. Granted this has technically meant a little less content...but what I've posted and what I'm working on are much higher in quality. I feel incredibly blessed for all of the support I have received.

Now, as I move on to my second year, I've been thinking how to grow my Patreon even further. Recently I've expanded Patreon goals while lowering the prices of the goals  and hope to attract more attention that way. Mostly since I don't believe I've actually added a Patron in more than six months.

The latter is a big point, I think. I've gotten plenty of people voicing support for my projects in the past and have even received commissions and art trades. Patreon, however, has remained relatively stagnant. This is especially awkward as, while I see nothing wrong with commissions and enjoy doing them, my Patreon was created with the goal of making me not need commissions to make money and go back to doing free requests for people.

So, I do have to wonder what I could be doing better. While I like the goals I have up currently (and have been working on attaining the rewards for said goals as we speak), I can't help but notice a number of other Patreons do something quite different: no real goals at all. That is, start it down at $1 and give everyone who donates all the reward goodies, no matter the price. That way it's essentially a "pay what you want" instead of a tiered system.

Given that I actually started this Patreon as a way to give people more access to my stuff, be it writing or cartography or what have you, it certainly appeals to me to be able to give ALL rewards to everyone who wants them. In addition to that, I think I would, for those wanted it, do a sort of raffle once a month or once ever three months to make a map or write a short story for whoever won. A way to get personalized content via crowdfunding that isn't just commissions and the like. So, I could still take commissions if you want a map or short story or graphic or whatever I can do right now, but otherwise can just put your name up to be raffled and then get something for free even if you're just giving on measly dollar a month. I think that's not bad, yeah?

So, what do you all think? Besides being tired of hearing about this, that is (I swear I'll be quiet about it, especially with a grand total of 3 maps to be posted sometime this month or early January). Would you, those of you who don't donate, be more willing to help me out if it meant only having to put a buck forward (or pay more if that's what you feel like doing)? Especially if said $1+ donation gets you access to things like livestreams, tutorials, Skype chats, base files, etc.?

Let me know in a comment! That's all for now, and I hope for a great second year on Patreon. I'll also likely be doing something Christmas-y this month, so watch out for that! (Or don't, I'm not a cop.)


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