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The Nazi Civil War: Beginning of the End

Hello, everyone! Just wanted to fairly quickly get a map out before the end of this month since, unfortunately, most of my big projects have been taking quite some time to make any headway on, so here you go. I hope you enjoy. Also, just to be clear, the artist of this piece in no way supports, endorses, or is in favor of the Nazi Party, National Socialism, or Fascism. The artist abhors all views expressed by said groups and is opposed to them in every way. The piece was made for entertainment purposes only, do not reuse as pro-fascist propaganda.

A more successful Nazi invasion of France in 1940 traps British troops at Dunkirk and, with a more effective bombing of Britain, thereafter results in the United Kingdom accepting a peace deal to drop out of the war, though they assure their people it is temporary. Without having to watch their back, the Nazis invade Russia with full force and, with a lot of miraculous luck, manage to defeat the USSR to the west of the Urals. Moscow, Leningrad, and even eventually Stalingrad fall and, since then, Europe has been firmly under the Nazi thumb.

Afterwards, the Nazis went about setting up their rule in Europe. France was returned to Home Rule (though under a fascist government), their allies divided up territory (Hungary and Romania would have multiple border clashes before reaching their current border), and Russia was split into 4 sub-nations of the Greater German Reich: Ostland, Ukraine, Muscovy, and Caucasus. Russian Slavs are either driven out of European Russia into Siberia, made slaves, or sent to concentration camps along with Poles, Lithuanians, Ukrainians, and Belarusians to make way for the millions of German colonists who settle the former USSR in the years following the end of hostilities in Europe in 1944. Europe settles down to peace, though it is an uneasy one as Germany rules it with an iron grip, and only a select few nations are still free.

In the Far East, the United States eventually gets into the war against the Japanese and, though having to fight much of the war on its own, defeats the Japanese in 1946, freeing China from the Japanese grip with the full might of the American industry and military. Japan is fully cowed after a nuclear weapon destroys the Kure Naval Base in Hiroshima, vaporizing the last remnants of the Japanese fleet and forcing a total surrender. Without Soviet interference, China is placed under Republican rule as American forces bring much of Asia into the Allied Nations, including the remnants of the USSR beyond the Urals, thereafter named the Russian Republic. 

Though victorious, the United States is heavily reluctant to finish the conflict by attacking Nazi-held Europe, as Britain is not, at the time, fully ready to try again after its disastrous defeats, East Asia still needed to be rebuilt, and the Nazis were, at the time, at the peak of their power. Instead, for the next two decades, the United States would focus its efforts into rebuilding East and Southeast Asia, making China, Japan, Vietnam, Indonesia, and the Russian Republic into powerful allies, and helping secure India as, while not an ally, a neutral power instead of a Nazi bulwark in Asia as Hitler had hoped.

Gradually, the Allied Nations began to encircle the Nazis from all sides throughout the 1950s as much of the Middle East and North Africa was brought into the Allied sphere. However, Nazi Germany remained too powerful even still to attack. As the 60s began, it seemed as if it would take decades before Nazi rule began to slip enough to risk an attack against the Nazis. Too many Americans still remembered how devastating the fighting in China, Indochina, and the Pacific Islands had been against the Japanese, and knew that the Nazis would be even tougher.

However, things changed in early 1965. Though cracks had been forming for years in the Nazi power structure, Hitler had held them together. That is, at least, until he died in early February, 1965. After lingering for years, the death of the Fuhrer finally split the Nazi Empire into 3 main groups. There is the government in Cologne, a more traditionalist government based on industrial power and populism that believes the way ahead for the Nazis is coalescing their power over all Europe to form a "European Reich" to compete with the Americans. In the south is the government in Munich, later relocated to Vienna, who are the "progressive" Nazis who believe that advanced technology, including moving into space, and an expansion of the idea of the German Reich is the way to go for Germany as it stands, bringing fascism to as much of the world as possible and driving the Americans back to their continent. Finally, the Berlin Government believes that Nazi control must be made by force, to keep Europeans, lesser humans, and enemies all in line. They fully believe in the might of the "Aryans" and that they will be able to march unopposed across the world if only a good man can lead them.

Units are mixed up between the 3 governments, with much of the SS going to Berlin, the Wehrmacht to Cologne, and the Luftwaffe to Munich. The civil war that finally breaks out in March will not be an easy one, but is just the opportunity that the Americans have been looking for, praying for, for so many years. It is, at last, a crack in the German armor and a chance to finally take back Europe from the awful Nazi menace and cast them out of this world for good. Only time will tell of how this war, the beginning of the end, will turn out.

Full size map here.

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  1. I hate that the state of society is such that you felt compelled to add that disclaimer. "What if..." about any topic the heart of creativity and what makes the world wonderful.

    Keep on creating your awesome art!

    1. Thank you for the compliment! And yes, it is sad that I have to put the disclaimer, but at the same time within a day of posting it on deviantart I had an actual Neo-Nazi commenting on the map. It's a sad state of affairs.