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Monday Night ToixStory

Hello everyone, hope you are all having a great Monday night! With the new website comes new updates that I'll try to make once or twice per month to give everyone a good idea of where I'm standing as far as my work and what you'll be seeing posted on here in the next few weeks. So, without further ado, here is what's going on with!

New Map Series On The Way

After a couple months of hard work, the topographical map for my latest map series has been completed, and now only needs the city names and country profiles and accompanying text to really make it stand out. The project is a collaboration between myself and a commissioner that is going to show the development of Greek civilization from the Mycenaeans all the way to a present-day surviving Eastern Roman/Byzantine Empire. Unlike many contemporary ideas of Greece, in this world we have created we approach it similarly to how Chinese history is approached: one long history of the civilization that goes through many dynasties and periods but remains a single, solid culture with a binding language and system of ideas and values.

The project should be out later this month or, at the very latest, in early April and will, once again, be featured on this website a week before anywhere else, so stay tuned.

New Short Story In Editing

While technically not totally new, a short story of mine is finally in editing (done by your favorite English editor and part-time amateur editor, me) and nearing completion. The story is called, "The Best of All Worlds" and deals with everyone's favorite villains, the Nazis, and a dash of alternate history and temporal events. Throw in some ideas about how inherently destructive and restrictive a totalitarian regime is and you've got this story. I hope you all will enjoy it, as it will be the first of several short stories to be posted here over the new few months. Expect this one to come out late in March or early April, again earlier for the website than anywhere else.

Request Map Work Beginning

I'm not one to leave out the request work I do, and this month I am doing a request by Tardis218 on deviantart. He asked for a "steampunk Swedish Empire" in which Sweden still holds all the colonial possessions (or at least of them) that it did at the height of its power in time for a steampunk revolution sometime in the late 19th/early 20th century. It's definitely something a bit different than what I've done before, but I am a big fan of large Swedens so naturally I am happy to do it. Since I've done most of the work on the map series I'll be starting work on the map shortly and hopefully finish it before the month is up. Hopefully you will all enjoy a look at another fascinating idea proposed by one of my followers.

New Timeline to Begin in April

Finally, I am happy to announce that this April work will begin on probably one of my best works of alternate history so far, a somewhat short timeline dedicated to an alternate history of Carthage. Starting with Rome being further devastated by the Celtic Senone tribe in 387 BCE, Carthage eventually is able to rise to become the dominant power of the Central and Western Mediterranean. However, even with Rome gone Carthage faces powerful enemies in Syracuse, Epirus, and even Egypt while its principal allies, rival city-state Capua and the Etruscans, can be quite perfidious on their own.

The timeline will trace the tumultuous history of Carthage's rise from the late 3rd century BCE all the way towards the new millennium when Carthage will have to face new challenges and fiercer threats in order to continue expanding its empire. I am very excited for this timeline and have been doing extensive research on the topic, and hope to have the best possible timeline I can for all of you. Writing should take up most of April and editing likely won't be totally done until late May or June (along with making maps for every update), but it will all be worth it. For now, you can enjoy some more previews of the art being made for the timeline below, and I hope you all have a wonderful Monday night!


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