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New Site Design

I am very proud to come here today to announce that this website has been completely revamped with the help of a fantastic web designer. The site has, as you can see, a new, sleek look, pages to filter out everything but my maps or writing, a personal contact form to reach me directly, a social media feed, and so on. In general, it's a much nicer and sleeker way for everyone to view the content I produce, nicer even than deviantart or similar sites.

Toward that end, I am also announcing some changes that I've been mulling over for a while now. Since the site redesign is up, I am now going to switch the focus of my work more towards my personal website than anywhere else on the web. What that means is my maps, my short stories, and my upcoming timeline will all be right here on a week before anywhere else. Now, Patreon users will still get it before anyone else at all, but going to my website can also get you my new maps and writing before they show up here or elsewhere. In general, I'm going to focus the majority of my energy towards stuff on the website. Nothing particularly against deviantart, tumblr, ArtStation, or what have you, but being able to put my own content on my own website is both better for me as a content creator and for everyone else, since it's an easy way to access everything I make.

I hope you all will enjoy the new site and enjoy the content that's going to be coming out. I've got a couple short stories on the way, two big map series, and a whole timeline based on Carthage that'll be out between now and June. I look forward to seeing all of you here.

And now, as a website exclusive, a few pictures from the new timeline:


  1. By chance, was it the designer I refereed you to? Site looks sharp!

    1. Indeed it was, she's really great! Now we both have great-looking websites. :D

  2. Brilliant to hear! She really does good work!

    Looking forward to seeing what you post here - and please keep up those great comments on my site!