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My Work at the University of Cambridge

This is a bit of an unusual blog post, I admit, but one that I am happy to present. Recently, a friend of mine commissioned a map from me so that he could present it at the University of Cambridge as part of a conference there. Well, I am happy to say, the conference seemed to go well and I can now show off a little in regards to the map itself and the conference.

The map which was commissioned:

Pictures from the Conference (the presentation by my friend is Skullcap Island):

And finally, the presentation of the map itself:

In all, I could not be happier or more proud for my work to be featured at such a prestigious institution. I am floored and incredibly pleased that my work has been used to help advance the cause of history over all and I'd like to use this post to celebrate that. I'd also like to give a massive thank you for the real greatness behind it all, Anton Larsson, who was the one to organize this in the first place and who I hope has the best of luck in future conferences.


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