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The Yoop


The Yoop

Here is a map for a larger project I've been developing with a friend about an alternate United States and its politics, culture, and world. As a little preview, I thought I would publish a map of one of the 54 United States: Superior. This map is a little bit of practice for larger maps, hope you all like it, and expect more soon!

Superior is one of the newest states in the union, and also the smallest by population at just over 300,000. The state gained statehood through referendum that was decided by a Supreme Court decision, due to movements for an independent Upper Peninsula of Michigan over increased ties with Wisconsin, delays at the time on building a bridge to link it with the Lower Peninsula, and more control over the locks linking the lower lakes with Lake Superior, through which massive quantities of iron and oil travel through. Since then, Superior has maintained close ties between itself and Michigan as well as with Wisconsin and cross-border ties with Canada, making the state one of the most travel-friendly in the union. The completion of a bridge across the Straits of Mackinac and the extension of an interstate up to the state capital of Marquette have helped connect Superior with the rest of the country, even if the state remains largely rural. The state is still a favorite by the lakes and hills in the summer and by the many holiday resorts in the winter.

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  1. I think I remember reading about there having been at one point a movement to have the upper peninsula go ahead and form it's own state, so this seems like something that could have theoretically happened.