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Spurious Transmissions: The United States of America

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Hello, all! Here is my latest map. I can’t say the entire background, as it is for a larger story I want to tell in the form of a timeline posted on my Patreon and here as well called Spurious Transmissions: Tales From Another World. But for now, I will give the backstory.

Essentially, a slightly less turbulent early administration of Ulysses S. Grant but problems later in his second term cause Grant early on to not consider running in 1876. A number of men jump in for the Republican nomination, but eventually it is Benjamin Bristow who emerges victorious. He runs on an administration-critical ticket of economic populism and support of Reconstruction that gives him an edge that Hayes never had, and he wins 1876 handily with promises of a new, fresh start on the economy. He also is willing to apply pressure on the states not finished Reconstructing, namely South Carolina, Florida, and Louisiana. He is unwilling to let the states fall and indeed in 1876 through 1877 all three states see Republicans re-elected and federal troops stepping in against violence.

Bristow’s willingness to use the powers at his will to enforce Reconstruction and Republicans recapturing the House so as to control all houses of federal government causes a shift in the south. Slowly at first but growing over time, “Redeemer” whites leave the three states for other southern states in which the local rule is more friendly, if not as harsh as our own world due to federal intervention. Similarly, northern whites living in the south and freedmen move in increasing numbers to these three states, effectively transferring populations over time. For a time, this keeps the peace and Bristow goes on to win a second term as economic difficulties subside by 1880.

There is lots more to this world and events that come after to make it different from our own, but that is where it starts, and hopefully it will be a world y’all will enjoy reading about. I also hope all y’all enjoy the map and feel free to ask questions about it!


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